Many Customers Will Have The Questions Choosing 75micron Or 100micron Transfer Pet Film Which Thickness Is Much Better?

Nov 29-2021

Many customers will have the question of choosing 75micron or 100micron transfer PET film which thickness is much better? It mainly depends on the DTF printing process or printing technology, screen printing or offset printing or digital printing. Also influenced by the ink type printing, plastisol ink, water-based ink, or silicone ink. For example, when screen printing on leather is unaffordable of high temperature and long time pressing, 75micron thickness is a good choice. Comparing 75micron,100micron has better temperature resistance, for many times printing process and silicone patterns will be more suitable.

The drying temperature of ink, adhesives, and hot melt glue powder also affect the transfer film thickness choosing. If customers aren't sure about the right thickness for their needs, the best way is we send samples to customers for testing directly.

Weather also has an impact on film release. Customers should adjust their workshop temperature not too wet or too cold. Surely, Our sales team together our technology team will give professional after service to our all customers for these years efforts Qiantai has been a professional heat transfer release PET film and heat transfer paper manufacturer in China.