How To Select Good Quality Dtf Pet Transfer Film And Dtf Powder Is Significant To The Effect Of Dtf Finished Stamping

Apr 06-2022

Digital printing is rapidly becoming popular in China. The major manufacturers have to carry out the conversion of the printer production, the traditional screen printing factory also began to buy the machine test production. Digital printing because of its convenience, environmental protection, and high-efficiency characteristics, in the near future after the maturity of technology will have great development.

1. PET printing film, after our R & D department's long-term testing and research, printing film release force, working temperature, stamping time, ink absorption layer of ink absorption performance, ink adaptability, and so on has done careful research and exploration. Good ink compatibility, for different ink, can achieve a high-quality pattern printing effect and complete pattern form.

2. Digital printing special hot melt powder, for digital printing special work requirements, we selected two different mesh hot-melt powders with excellent performance. After the completion of printing film printing needs to be timely hanging powder, then hanging powder this link directly determines the solidity and washability of the transfer pattern to the fabric later. So the choice of matching hot melt glue powder is of paramount importance. Otherwise, the printout in the exquisite pattern is also in vain. The two hot melt adhesive powders we provide for digital printing are selected with uniform particles, which can ensure the firmness and washability of the pattern, and also prevent the hot melt glue powder from hanging on the printing film, which is a headache for the customers. So choosing the right hot melt glue powder is very popular in the market.