• Heat Transfer Sticker
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  • Heat Transfer Sticker
  • Silicone Heat Transfer Sticker

Heat Transfer Sticker

Heat transfer stickers labels are applied on the clothing using a heat press that is a single color or multi-colored. With 3D high-density plastisol effect, silicone effect, or special custom request. Can be cut to small sheets size or rolled with the width 15inch or 19inch, length maximum to 50 yards. Heat transfer stickers are well used on cotton, polyester, cotton blends t-shirt, shoes, bags Some stickers are compatible with nylon and leather. Use the correct vinyl sticker with the correct substrate.


Features Of Heat Transfer Sticker

  • Multiple colors or spot color

  • Soft and Flexible

  • 3D effect custom design

  • Eco Friendly and safe for skin touch

  • Available on single pieces and rolls

  • Heat transfer label stickers are available in a matte or glossy finish. They are good artwork appearance and good ideas for logos or brand names on apparel decoration. All the heat transfer stickers and labels are good performance on waterproof, grease, and abrasion resistance.

How To Make Heat Transfer Sticker?

  • Print your company logo or custom design onto special heat transfer paper or films using screen printing, offset printing, or digital printing.

  • Cut the design by cutter or scissor.

  • Warm up the heat press till the temperature is about 150 degrees.

  • Adjust the pressure, medium or high pressure is mostly used.

  • Set the Time, mainly about 10 to 20 seconds depending on your stickers and labels types.

  • Put the printed design face up on the right area and do press.

  • Remove the PET Film. Now your heat-press stickers or labels on custom apparel are complete!

Applications of Heat Transfer Sticker

Heat Transfer Stickers for Shoes

  • Customization: Sneaker enthusiasts and shoe manufacturers often use the heat transfer sticker to add logos, designs, or personalization to shoes.

  • Repair and Restoration: In shoe repair shops, hot press stickers can be employed to cover scuffs or revitalize the appearance of worn-out shoes.

Heat Transfer Stickers for Clothes

  • Fashion Design: Fashion designers leverage heat press stickers to add intricate designs, patterns, or graphics to clothing items such as t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans.

  • Promotional Merchandise: Businesses use the heat press logo sticker and transfer sticker for clothes on apparel for promotional purposes, featuring company logos, slogans, or artwork.

  • Personalization: Individuals can customize their garments with heat press logo sticker, expressing their unique style and preferences.

Heat Transfer Stickers for Fabric

  • Home Décor: Interior decorators and DIY enthusiasts apply heat transfer stickers on fabric surfaces like curtains, pillow covers, and tablecloths to embellish and customize home decor items.

  • Crafts and Hobby Projects: Crafters use heat transfer stickers for fabric in various projects such as quilting, tote bags, and wall hangings, adding decorative elements effortlessly.

  • Textile Industry: Manufacturers incorporate hot press stickers in the textile industry for labeling, branding, or adding care instructions to fabric products like garments, linens, and upholstery.

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