What Are the Advantages of DTF Printing over DTG?

Jul 08-2022

DTF printing is fast becoming an excellent new alternative to DTG. Thus, compared with DTG, what are the advantages of DTF printing?

1. DTF printing has low investment cost and is more accessible

The investment cost of DTF printing is much lower, about half of the replaceable products, which is suitable for small and medium-sized start-ups and DIY; DTF printing consumables cost less, and the cost of printing and DTF ink price are lower; the use process is simple, suitable for personalized production; DTF printing can be continuous printing, Unlike DTG, it is easy to block the print head or require frequent downtime; DTF printing is suitable for a variety of fabrics and has a wide range of applications; bright colors, delicate printing, washable, suitable for printing small characters and washable labels.

DTF printing is more accessible than DTG printing. You can easily convert a traditional desktop inkjet printer to a DTF printer. The only other equipment you need is a pet film for heat transfer printing machine and you can get started. On the other hand, DTG printers are very expensive and usually bulky.

2. DTF printing is cheaper

DTF printing is cheaper because it requires no preprocessing and uses less ink. (For users, DTG printing typically uses 80% color ink and 200% DTF white ink. DTF printing requires only 60% color ink and 40% white ink. Because white ink tends to be the most expensive, it adds up can save a lot). Let's not forget the time cost. It takes seconds to apply the powder to the DTF pet film, but how long does it take to pre-treat and dry the shirt? 5 minutes? If you manually pretreat with a spray bottle and roller, you will use it for 10 minutes. It might not sound like a lot, but if you can save 5 minutes per shirt, you can save a lot of time every day. DTF printing requires less maintenance because DTF printing white ink does not clog the print head like DTG white ink does.

3. DTF printing is widely used

DTF printing is so versatile, you can print your patterns ahead of time and use them when you need them. You can sell your patterns and easily send them to your clients, who can then apply to transfer themselves to any garment they want. DTF print transfer can be applied to many different surfaces and items that would otherwise be difficult to print.