What's The Advantage Of QIANTAI Heat Transfer Pet Film?

Nov 29-2021

QIANTAI can adjust the coating formula to satisfy all customers different request of release force, thickness and any other properties.

We produce different kinds of transfer film and vinyl for textile,leather or Eva. Including T-shirt, hats, bags, sportwear, wash lable, cotton clothes, non-woven fabric and etc. First, the images are printed on the film, and then heat transfer the images from the film to textiles or other materials by heat pressing.

Qiantai transfer films be widely used in screen printing, digital printing and offset Litho printing. Our films have different series type, suitable for plastisol ink, waterbase ink, silicone ink and etc.

For peel methods,one is hot peel transfer film that released in 8-10 seconds, another is cold peel transfer film.

1. Use top quality base film, dimensional stablized, minimum shrinkage, 180℃, 1 minutes heat, shrink 2~3mm for our heat transfer PET film.

2. Scratch resistance, coating material will not easy scratch off the film, after transfer, coating will not transfer to the fabric.

3. Excellent printing result, we make special coating material on the heat transfer PET films to help to maximum ink absorb, ink fastness is good after transfer.

4. We own ourselves heat transfer vinyl manufacturers, so we are full experienced to provide printing technical guidence to our customers.

5. Our heat transfer PET films have pass through the BV test report.

6. Strict quality control system, raw material testing,in production process checking and before every shipment, we tested size stablized after 180C, 1 min, thickness, release figure,coating eveness, matt degree, simple printing test or follow customer request.