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With more than 10 years of experience

QIANTAI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of UV DTF FILM in China. QIANTAI has been focusing on digital printing consumables for many years, specializing in the manufacture and sale of DTF FILM, PET Film, thermal PET Transfer Release Film, DTF transfer paper, thermal transfer paper and other digital consumables. Our products are exported to many overseas countries and are well received by customers all over the world.
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Professional UV DTF FILM Manufacturer

Polyester transfer release film is release coated pet film (PET release film) that is coating silicone on pet film which is used as hot peel or cold peel transfer. It can be screen printing, digital printing and litho printed transfer. Compare with the release paper, PET transfer film is stronger, easy to release and high transparency and more smooth surface.

Discover Premium Quality UV DTF Film for Flawless Printing

At QIANTAI, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of heat transfer films for garment printing. Established in 2005, our journey began as a family-owned business with a vision to revolutionize the pet heat transfer film industry. Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement and innovation, which is reflected in our top-notch product offerings and exceptional customer service.

UV DTF Printing Process


The UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing process is an innovative method that combines UV printing technology with direct film transfer, offering exceptional print quality and durability. Here's a step-by-step guide to understanding how it works:

  1. Design Preparation:

    Create your design using graphic design software. Ensure the design is in high resolution for optimal print quality.

  2. Printing:

    Load the DTF film into the UV printer. The printer uses UV light to cure the ink instantly, producing vibrant and detailed prints on the film. This process ensures the colors are vivid and the print is durable.

  3. Application of Adhesive Powder:

    Once the design is printed on the film, apply a layer of adhesive powder to the printed side. This powder ensures that the design adheres properly to the garment during the transfer process.

  4. Curing:

    Cure the adhesive powder by passing the film through a curing oven or using a heat press. This step ensures the adhesive is activated and ready for transfer.

  5. Transfer to Garment:

    Position the DTF film on the garment, printed side down. Use a heat press to transfer the design onto the fabric. The heat and pressure activate the adhesive, ensuring a strong bond between the design and the garment.

  6. Peeling:

    After the transfer is complete, allow the garment to cool before peeling off the film. This step reveals the vibrant and durable design now adhered to the fabric.

Why Choose QIANTAI's UV DTF Film?

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Our UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) films are engineered for excellence, ensuring that your garment printing results are nothing short of perfect. Here's what sets our UV DTF films apart:

  • Unmatched Quality

    Manufactured in our state-of-the-art, dust-free plant, our UV DTF films are designed to deliver crisp, vibrant, and durable prints every time.

  • Consistency

    With first-class automated production facilities, we guarantee reliable and consistent high-quality products, helping you maintain the highest standards in your printing projects.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our commitment to innovation includes a focus on reducing waste and improving production quality, ensuring that our products are not only superior but also environmentally responsible.

Our UV DTF Film Features

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High-Quality DTF Film for Unmatched Print Performance

Our UV DTF films offer superior print performance, ensuring that every detail of your design is accurately and vividly reproduced.

High Clarity DTF Film for Cutting-Edge Printing Businesses

Achieve vivid, detailed prints with our crystal-clear UV DTF film, perfect for high-definition designs.


Transform your printing operations with durable UV DTF film that is built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting prints that retain their quality.

Seamless Application Process

Our UV DTF films ensure a seamless application process, suitable for all skill levels, making it easy to achieve professional results.

Versatile Compatibility

Seamless integration with modern printing systems, our DTF films are perfect for a variety of fabrics and materials, giving you the flexibility to meet diverse customer needs.

High Transparency

Our clear polyester films provide excellent transparency, making it easy to achieve precise and vibrant prints.

Boost Your Business with Premium DTF Film Solutions

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At QIANTAI, we believe in fostering sustainable business relationships through innovation and customer-centric services. 

Our promises include:

Product Creation and Innovation

Continuously evolving our products to meet the latest market demands and technological advancements.

Flexible Customization

Offering tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Efficient Customer Service

Providing prompt and reliable online customer support to address all your needs.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Offering expert technical assistance before and after your purchase to ensure seamless integration and optimal use of our products.

Certifications and Standards

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is validated by our ISO 9001 and Bureau Veritas certifications, ensuring that every product you receive from QIANTAI meets the highest industry standards.


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Since our inception in 2005, QIANTAI has grown from a family-run business to a leader in the UV DTF film industry in China. Our mission is to provide high-quality products and exceptional service, establishing ourselves as a reliable and long-term business partner for our customers.

Choose QIANTAI's UV DTF films for flawless, vibrant, and durable printing results that exceed your expectations. Join us in our journey towards innovation and excellence, and experience the QIANTAI difference today.


Why Choose Us

Competitive Price
We have our own factory, all products can offer ex-factory price.
High Standard Products
Shaking powder is cleaner, and can be hot peel off immediately after printing
Fast Delivery
Fast production, ships within a week of receiving the order
Quality Assured
Whole process inspection to ensure product quality
We accept orders of any size, the larger the order, the greater the discount and guaranteed speed of delivery.
Technical Support
Provide 7*24 hours customer service and quick response, as well as perfect technical support
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Product Effect Display

QianTai's transfer printing paper are easy to peel and brightly colored. Has good ink absorption and breathability. Compared with eco-solvent printing, it has better environmental protection.


How to Contact or Place an Order?


You can text online messages to us, leaving your name and contact information. Our service team will reply to you in short time for further negotiation.


Call us and our customer service representatives are ready to help you and answer any questions. For quicker processing, have the item number of the product you wish to purchase ready when you call.


Send your inquiry detail or purchase order by mail info@heattransferfilms.com.

How to Promise the Quality?

All products are made with first-class raw material, our all production lines are automatic and free of dust level.

Before production, our quality team will check our raw material carefully, guarantee no any issue then go on the production, after that we will recheck the finished products.

Before shipment, our quality test team checks every piece of our goods again, 3 times checking to guarantee our all shipment goods are high quality and standard.

Before you send the order, we will arrange the sample for your test, we promise all order's quality are kept the same as the sample quality which is confirmed by our customers.

How About the Package?

As normally, we ship the goods by sea or by air depending on the good's weight, quantity and customer request.

The degree of export packing required moisture protection, fixed stronger no damage. So we used the first-grade pp film inside packing, then pack in 5mm thick cardboard. At last put on non-fumigation pallets.

Secondly, our all warehouse person is full experienced in export goods packing, they will save the package volume by different specification mixed packing to save your freight cost.

How Long is the Delivery Time?
As normally samples will ship to you in 1 day after your confirmation, for formal order after sign the contract and arrange the deposit, the goods will be arranged to our production department,as normal our goods will be finished production in 5-7days.
How Do We Provide After-sale Service?

24/7 online customer support. After-sales service stays in touch with the customers even after the deal. Whether the customer is happy with the products or not? By each other good communication, our customers will believe in our brand. We take it as an important part of our company culture.

Create a section in the website where the customers can feedback anytime. Our customer service team should take prompt action on the customer's queries. The problems must be resolved immediately.

We agree to replace the products if found faulty also offer variable warranty policies to customers.

Do You Have E-catalogue?
Yes, you can get our products information on our website, more clearly products detail you can send us mail info@.. to us, we will send our e-catalog to you.
What's the MOQ?
100sheets or 1 roll for sample order, we confirmed by each other communication.

Production Capacity and Inventory

QianTai is a professional manufacturer of PET Transfer Release Film and transfer media in China with a history of more than 10 years. QianTai has a complete set of production equipment and pollution treatment equipment, with strong production capacity and ability to digest orders. And to ensure green production, raw materials are non-toxic and harmless, the production process is environmentally friendly, and help circular economy. And we have a certain stock of inventory, which can meet the urgent needs of customers in a timely manner.




R&D and Production

  1. Continuously increase investment in product quality and application.

  2. Continue to meet customer demand for bigger and better products

  3. Develop a rigorous production plan.

  4. Accurately grasp the production task.

  5. Properly arrange the customization, storage and use of the box.


Quality Inspection

  1. Responsible for the operation of the quality management system to ensure the high quality of products.

  2. Designate inspection standards, clarify inspection methods, inspection procedures and non-performing matters.

  3. Responsible for the collection, summary and analysis of customer satisfaction information, and take measures to improve and perfect the quality work.

  4. Ensure product quality can meet customer requirements.


Choose Professional UV DTF FILM Manufacturers and Suppliers

As the top UV DTF FILM manufacturer in China, our service team has more than ten years of industry experience, they will provide you with a comprehensive UV DTF FILM solution, and work with you between your requirements and costs Find the balance.

Provide pre-sales and after-sales assistance by phone or email, and our service team will provide you with timely support. We will be your reliable long-term partner.

If you have any questions or need customized services, please contact us immediately, we will give the best solution!



Top UV DTF FILM Manufacturer

Our UV DTF FILMs are not only visually appealing, but also engineered to stand the test of time. They are resistant to fading, cracking and peeling, ensuring your designs will remain vibrant and intact even after countless uses and washes.
Contact us today and let our team of experts guide you in choosing the perfect UV DTF FILM for your specific needs.
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We are a professional Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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