Advantages Of Pet Film Transfer Printing

Advantages of PET film transfer printing

Before we begin to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of PET film transfer printing, it is necessary to understand what PET film transfer printing is. PET film transfer printing is a way of printing on fabric, and the printing process is done in two steps. First, the design is printed on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) paper, and then the paper is heated and printed on the fabric. You may be curious about the quality of the printing. Surprisingly, this PET film printing method can guarantee the quality of the print very well. Its quality is 20 times better than DTG.


Now that you know what PET is, you may be wondering why use this printing method? Why should you switch from your current medium to PET film transfer printing.


Advantages of PET film transfer printing


1. Good quality. The double printing or transfer printing process ensures that the quality of the print is maintained. In addition, color fastness is guaranteed.


2. Guaranteed. The design is first printed on paper and then on fabric, which makes it easy for us to guarantee the quality of the print. We can check the printing on the paper before it is printed on the fabric. This guarantee allows for less printing defects on the fabric.


3. No cutting required. No need to cut the paper to put the design on the fabric. 


4. PET film transfer is not a quite complicated process. It is really easy to learn the process. In addition, it does not require a high level of maintenance, which makes it even more convenient. 


5. Environmentally friendly technology. Many new contributions are made to make it environmentally friendly. In some cases, the PET film used is made in a way that can be recycled.


6. Diverse options. The most important area of concern when selecting the desired printing technology is the limitation of colors. In PET film transfer printing, there is no limit to the number of colors used, which makes it a better choice.


7. Suitable for all fabrics. PET printing is suitable for all types of fabrics, be it cotton, silk or any other type of cloth. Meanwhile, DTG is not suitable for all types of fabrics. Generally speaking, PET printing is preferred for water-based and oil-based ink printing.


8. Less ink is used. The ink used for printing is much less than other methods. Both white and colored inks are used less.


9. If you are looking for T-shirt printing near you and want to get an instant result in a short time, then PET film transfer printing is the best choice for you


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