What Are the Common Problems with DTF Prints?


Ⅰ. About DTF prints

Direct Film Formation (DTF) and sublimation printing are both thermal transfer technologies in the design printing industry. DTF printing is the latest printing technology to decorate dark and light T-shirts on natural fibers such as cotton, silk, polyester, blends, leather, nylon, etc. without expensive equipment. Sublimation printing uses a chemical process in which a solid immediately turns into a gas without passing through the liquid stage.


Ⅱ. The problem of DTF prints

1. Does DTF printing require a lot of printer maintenance? DTF printing still requires the same maintenance as DTG. Just not as often. DTG inks don't clog as badly, and when they do, they're easier to clean. DTF white ink will still separate and needs to be shaken once a day. The best way to maintain it is to print regularly. If you are printing every 2 days, all you need to do is shake the ink and run an automatic printhead cleaning before printing.

2. Can I print on DTF pet transfer film with DTG ink? No, DTF printing requires special DTF inks. Printing with DTG ink on DTF film causes the ink to flow and mix with white and CMYK.

3. Can I put DTF ink into my DTG printer? Yes, you can print shirts on DTG printers with DTF inks. It's not as good as specialized DTG inks, but works fine. You will still need to pre-treat your garments with your preferred pre-processing solution.

4. Which printers can be used for DTF printing? Any old printer that prints in 5 or more colors. Older printers will be compatible with most types of print ripping software and will have a refillable ink system. Other colors will allow adding white ink. Some of these printers are: P400, P600, P800, 1430, R2400, R1800, R3000, R2000, R2880, R1400, etc.

5. How is the washing resistance of DTF printing? Washability is good if you use a good quality powder and follow the correct application. It definitely beats the laser white toner transfer. The recommended washing temperature is 40°C.

6. What is the feeling of DTF printing? The feel depends on the type of powder you use and the thickness of the ink layer. More ink will absorb more powder, making the overall effect feel thicker. Our soft and flexible DTF transfer powder has a better hand than traditional vinyl or other types of heat transfer. It is stretchy and soft to the touch. However, it is no softer than DTG prints.


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