DTF Transfer Film Applied to Textiles

The digital textile printing industry has seen rapid growth over the past decade as more and more producers turn to the digitalisation of textile printing. Using a digital printer simplifies operations, eliminating the need for film or stencils, the benefits are better fabric performance, consistency, and most importantly, the ability to print a larger color gamut onto textiles, making the process reliable and overall cost-effective.

1. What is DTF printing?

The DTF print process is as simple as its name suggests - print on a DTF PET TRANSFER FILM ROLL and transfer directly to fabric by using a simple heat press. The most prominent factor that makes this process worthwhile for more people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Whether it is polyester, cotton, silk or synthetic fibers such as rayon or terry cotton, the DTF printing process is sure to work on them. The requirements of DTF printing do not require a large investment by the user.


DTF PET FILM ROLL is an intermediate carrier, which exists on the transfer paper base or plastic base, carries the printed or printed pattern, and is used to transfer to a layer of chemical elastic film on the printed article. Transfer films are widely used in advertising, decoration, etc. With DTF PET TRANSFER FILM ROLL, you no longer print designs on the textile itself, but on the transfer film. After the printing process, a layer of hot melt glue is applied to the back and it is melted, after that, when the transfer print is to be transferred to the textile, only a heat press is required.

This method offers many advantages: pretreatment of textiles is no longer required. Printing and transferring to materials can be done directly one after the other. However, DTF PET TRANSFER FILM ROLL can also be pre-printed, stored and then transferred to fabric when needed using a simple heat press, making the process ideal for mobile use.

Since the printing is done on film rather than fabric, much less white ink is required. DTF is best for light, colored and especially dark colored materials (e.g. cotton, polyester, mixed fabrics, spandex, nylon, leather), does not require time-consuming weeding like other transfer methods, single print (sheet) And high volume printing (roll material) is possible. These prints are highly wash-resistant at 60°C, have excellent stretch properties, and are very wear-resistant.

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