For DTF Printing at the Quality Expected at Design Time

DTF printing or direct-to-film printing is a printing technology that supports more than just transferring images to fabric. Using this technique, you can print on a variety of materials, including metals and plastics. In other words, there are no restrictions on printing on the material. So if your project or business requires printing on fabric, this is the best technique as it works on all fabrics.


1. How does DTF printing work?


First, before starting this process, you will need a DTF printer with 6 or more color ink tanks. Thankfully, you don't need a huge investment to get all the equipment you need. So whether you're a beginner or an established company with this technology, it's worth checking out. For example, the modified direct transfer film printer is equipped with multi-color ink tanks. Therefore, you can take advantage of CMYK settings to provide vivid color printing. Plus, you don't need a DTF film roll to use this technology, and print quality remains vivid and flawless. Having said that, the DTF printing steps are as follows: print the image on PET film, dust the film with the image, heat the powder to melt, pre-press, transfer, cold peel, post-press.


2. The advantages of DTF printing


DTF printing requires no preprocessing, making it a simple and fast DTF printing process compared to other complex and tedious techniques. This printing method is suitable for all types of fabrics or materials, making it a versatile choice for printing businesses. DTF printed prints are washable and durable.


3. Expected quality when using DTF printing for design


Direct film printers can match or even exceed the capabilities of dye-sublimation printers when it comes to producing high-quality T-shirts. Cotton, polyester and lycra can all be printed without problems. On the one hand, it doesn't have any color restrictions and you can get sophisticated shades with dark or light fabrics. DTF printers thus remove all the limitations imposed by traditional printing methods. Also, DTF printers can save you money because in most cases you won't need any treatment. It can generate considerable profits for your company.


The film used for DTF printing is called PET film, and unlike screen printing, PET film is 0.75mm thick and has excellent transfer quality. According to the temperature, it is divided into two types: cold peeling film and hot peeling film.

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