How to Choose Good Quality DTF PET Transfer Film and DTF Powder is of Great Significance to the Heat Transfer Effect of DTF Finished Products

Digital printing is rapidly becoming popular in China. Major manufacturers have carried out printer modification production, and traditional screen printing factories have also begun to buy machines to test production. Because of its convenience and efficiency, and high environmental protection efficiency, digital printing will have great development in the future when the technology matures.


1. After long-term testing and research by our R&D department, PET film for heat transfer printing has been carefully studied and explored in terms of release force, working temperature, ironing time, ink absorption performance of the ink-absorbing layer, and ink adaptability, etc. The ink compatibility is good, and it can achieve high-quality pattern printing effect and complete pattern shape for different inks.


2. Special hot-melt glue powder for digital printing, according to the special work requirements of digital printing, we have selected two kinds of hot-melt powder with excellent performance from hot-melt powder with different mesh numbers. After the printing film is finished printing, it needs to be hung in time, so the link of the powder directly determines the firmness and washability of the subsequent transfer pattern to the fabric. Therefore, choosing the matching hot melt adhesive powder is the top priority. Otherwise, it is futile to print out fine patterns. The two types of hot melt adhesive powders for digital printing we provide select medium powder with uniform particles, which can ensure the firmness and washability of the pattern, and also prevent the hot melt adhesive powder from hanging on the printing film and shaking uncleanly. The situation is very troublesome for customers. Therefore, choosing the right hot melt adhesive powder is very popular in the market.

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