What Are the Benefits of Using DTF Transfer Printing?

1. What is DTF transfer printing?

Direct to film printing involves first printing on PET film using a DTF printer. After that, transfer the pattern to products such as hats, handbags, t-shirts or sweatshirts. The transfer is done by DTF powder and hot stamping. DTF transfers add a whole new possibility for small orders and short turnarounds in your store. They are all suitable for a variety of fabrics and other substrates. DTF transfer printing makes it more affordable for small businesses or textile establishments to realize small orders.

2. What are the benefits of DTF transfer printing?

DTF transfers are durable: One major benefit he points to is the durability of prints with DTF transfers. Printing has been done on polyester transfer film, cotton, cotton/polyester blends, and even ternary blends, and they have all survived the wash test. So, DTF transfer is different from screen printing press or DTG, if the fabric is stretched and stretched, you won't see the fibers going through the print.

DTF transfer printing reduces print head clogging: DTF transfer inks are almost the same glycol based water soluble pigment inks as DTG, having said that, DTF inks are more fluid than DTG inks and you'll encounter fewer heads clogging problem.

DTF transfers are easier to maintain: With a larger DTF system, the printer doesn't work in tight spaces, making routine maintenance easier. It's like working under the hood of a semi-auto vs. compact car, getting in and cleaning things out is easy. Also, he points out, most DTF systems use OEM printheads, so it's not a proprietary technology where replacement parts are hard to find.

DTF transfer printing offers more products. DTF transfers are suitable for cotton, 100% polyester and cotton/polyester blends, so they are versatile transfers for garments. But they're also great options for dozens of other products, like textured crawlers, water bottles, and hats. As long as you can heat it, you can press the DTF on it.

DTF transfer requires no pre-processing: Unlike DTG, you do not need to pre-process the garment for DTF transfer, reducing the number of steps required to finish printing a garment or product.

DTF transfer has no color restrictions: DTF transfer is suitable for light and dark clothing, ideal for sportswear and athleisure. Speaking of color, due to the DTF transfer powder, you can use the transfer for vibrant, multi-color designs that traditional thermal transfer cannot provide.

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