What is PET Film DTF

Ⅰ. What is PET film DTF?

DTF is a new printing solution to replace DTG. The film is printed with a specific kind of DTF ink, then dried, and DTF powder is sprinkled on the back of the DTF printed film, and then dried, ready for transfer. One of the advantages of printing on DTF PET film is that there is no pretreatment, powder paste does the job for you. Delicate water-based inks are transferred to garments in just 15 seconds when thermal transfer ironing. This thermal transfer is best for polyester and other non-cotton textures that are difficult to print with regular DTG.

DTF PET film printing is another innovation for the old silkscreen short highlight printing on dark toned t-shirts. In the old way, if an individual needed to print on a dark shirt, they would have to use a screen printing machine to screen a white base on the shirt first and then print the tint on it. The cost is high and it takes longer. Also, with DTG printing on T-shirts, the ink is expensive. So DTF PET film printing is recommended, it can print CMYK and white on the exchange film, then add uncommon paste powder to the printing, after curing, it becomes transparent, and then hot-pressed to various T-shirts, labels, Hats, bags, etc.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of PET film DTF

Four characteristics of PET film DTF:

1. Bright colors, clear light and dark lines, and photo effects;

2. Tensile resistance, has obvious reconstruction effect on the shading speed of washing;

3. Be good at reflecting the refinement of instances and the enhancement of shallow changes;

4. Use SGS green natural safety materials.

Who is DTF technology suitable for? This is the perfect technique for everyone who is keen to show the customization of shirts and some other materials (cushions, hoods, wraps, pullovers...) in cotton, polyester or any mixed fabric. If you are already working with sublimated items, DTF PET film printing is the perfect complementary technology to get more economic benefits from your business.

PET film DTF is usually used for polo shirts, short-sleeved shirts, clothing shoes and hats, rucksacks, gear calfskin goods, brand names, etc. It combines solid social and creative expression with refined attributes. The trademark culture is novel, delicate touch, easy to wash and clear, which cannot be compared with other printing measures.

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