Why is DTF Printing Growing So Fast?

Direct to film (DTF) printing is a general technique that involves printing designs onto special films for transfer to garments. Its thermal transfer process has similar durability to traditional screen printing.


1. How does DTF printing work?


What is DTF printing? It uses a layer of very special hot-melt glue powder, which is spray-printed on the transfer film, so that the slag-forming agent of the printing material penetrates into the fabric to produce hot-melt bonding. It uses two printing technologies: DTF printing and ink printing. Closely integrated with production, the process is created on the premise of transfer printing.


DTF works by printing a transfer on film, which is then heat-pressed to a variety of garments. While DTG (Direct to Garment) technology is only available for cotton fabrics, many more materials are compatible with DTF printing. DTF printers are affordable compared to DTG or screen printing technologies. DTF powder, printable double-sided cold peel PET film transfer (for printing transfer films) and high quality DTF inks are required for best results.


2. Why is DTF printing more and more popular?


DTF printing offers greater versatility than other printing technologies. DTF can be printed on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk, and more. DTF printing revolutionized the textile industry and updated textile creation for the digital age. The process is simple: create digital artwork, print on film, and transfer to fabric.


More advantages of DTF printing: DTF printing is easy to learn; DTF printing does not require fabric pretreatment; DTF printing process uses about 75% less ink; DTF printing has better print quality; DTF printing can be compatible with a variety of materials ; DTF printing with unmatched quality and high productivity; DTF printing requires less space than other technologies.


3. Does DTF printing need special ink?


Do I need special ink for DTF printing? Yes, you need DTF ink. To prevent printer clogging, high-quality ink is also required. We recommend DTF special inks, buy DTF inks, due to extensive testing, have a higher quality assurance and provide excellent color density and saturation, as well as strong performance and durability.


Is DTF printing profitable? Yes, DTF printing is a profitable business. You can start with a small budget. If you run a small printing company, direct-to-film printers are ideal for managing small orders. No surface treatment is required, which means lower production costs and higher profit margins.

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