Why is PET Heat Transfer Film Ideal for Product Printing?


PET HEAT TRANSFER RELEASE SHEETS material definitely has many advantages over other image transfer materials. High-quality colors and eco-friendliness are the main reasons to invest in them. It gives your brand room to expand on brand creativity and positioning.

Ⅱ. PET TRANSFER SHEETS FILM is an ideal choice for promotional product printing

1. Bright colors. Wondering how to give your custom printed merchandise a premium look? PET TRANSFER FILM SHEETS may be the answer. This provides a great aesthetic that, in turn, can make your company stand out from similar-looking products. The advantage of PET heat transfer film is that it can fully absorb the delicate color without leaving any color residue.

2. Durable. PET HET TRANSFER RELEASE SHEETS are designed to resist UV rays. This feature makes it a suitable choice for almost any thermoformed packaging design. Compared to other plastic films, it gives you a long-lasting material that retains its quality longer. It is a great material for printing promotional products as it maintains quality and aesthetics over time.

3. A great opportunity to embellish marketing gifts. Behind every engaging promotional product is an excellent material that makes it possible. PET TRANSFER RELEASE FILM is ideal for pillows, ceramics, t-shirts, hats, sandals, keychains and other custom promotional giveaways. By using this printing material, you can ensure eye-catching and long-lasting printing on your merchandise. The material obviously gives you a lot of options to customize and showcase your branding creativity.

4. PET heat transfer film is sustainable. Generally speaking, PET plastic is a fully recyclable material. PET is easy to identify, according to the PET Rasin organization. Its code is a triangle of three arrows representing a cycle plus the number 1, usually molded into the bottom or side of the container.

5.PET transfer release film can be divided into cold peel heat transfer release film and hot peel heat transfer release film according to the release type. Widely applicable to PLASTIC INK, WATER BASED INK and OIL BASED INK to print.

PET can be recycled commercially by complete remelting or chemical decomposition into its constituent materials. This process can produce new PET resin products to supply the market. Therefore, this PET TRANSFER RELEASE FILM is definitely a sustainable material for brand marketing. The film can be remelted after the process to produce new PET heat transfer film. In addition, other PET products can be mechanically recycled when sourcing the raw materials for such films.

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